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Fairoak's First Litter for 2017!

Well, do we have some news to tell! Our Bayonetta has been extraordinary these past few days and we are please to announce Fairoak's first litter of 2017! <3 Bayonetta gave birth 3 days earlier than planned, and had one of the biggest litters I've ever seen! Born on Easter Sunday 16th, Bayonetta had an incredible 16 kits :O Bayo did an amazing job and kept all 16 going till Tuesday, but sadly there were many who were just not big enough to get to the milk bar like their rapidly growing siblings :( She lost 3 kits, and a further 2 were lost yesterday. Bayonetta is doing remarkably well with a still very sizeable litter of 11. She's a fantastic first time mum and is rotating her babies in shifts like a pro :) We still have one quite small kit in the litter so fingers crossed this little one thrives like the rest! Kit pics will be up next week, for now we are leaving Bayo to do her thing <3

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