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        We are a small hobby breeder based in Cardiff, UK. We regularly attend Ferret Shows and events all over the UK so you will often find us at something ferrety! Email us or visit our Facebook Page, "Fairoak Ferrets Ferretry" to find out more information on any events near you that we may be at! We love to meet our potential new parents to our kits! 



        Our Reservation List helps us to help you find your perfect baby. In order to join the list, send us an email about yourself and what kind of kit you would like. We ask that you could provide a photograph with yourself next to your ferret housing so we can ensure our kits are going to a good home. We may do home checks if necessary, this is to help you with any extra tweaks in your housing to make it 100% ferret proof and ready for the new arrivals!


        We divide our lists up into groups. If you are very specific in what you want, it may take longer for you to get your chosen baby compared to someone who is less specific. After 4 weeks of our litters birth, we should have a fair idea of colours, size and of course gender. We will email each person on our reservation list to let them know if we have exactly, or close to, a match of what was requested from you in the litter. Reservations on kits can be made at 5/6 weeks with a 50% non-refundable deposit required. We will keep you updated every few days after reservation with pictures and weights of your kits so you know how they are!


        At the age of 8 weeks, we will contact you again to let you know how the kits are doing, and if we feel they are big and strong enough to leave. We can then arrange a date and time for you to pick up your kit from us. If you are too far to travel, then please ensure you have made all the relevant arrangements with a reputable courier to collect your kit. Email us for details on couriers if this is what you would prefer to get your kit. We encourage everyone to collect directly from us if possible though!


        All of our Fairoak Ferret kits will go to their new homes with a Kit Pack and sufficient food to acclimatise themselves into their new surroundings. Included in your Fairoak Kit Pack is a sample bag of BACK 2 NATURE litter,  a pack of raw meat, a small toy, a Birth Certificate, and an Information Sheet with practical advice and training in general, plus details of when your kit was treated with Frontline. We also give advice on immunisation and health matters. We love pictures, so please keep in touch so we know how our kits are doing with you! We travel to many ferret shows around the South West, so would be great to see you and the kits at these events too if you can make it, we love a good cuddle! We give a lifetime after-sales service, we are only a message away!

PLEASE NOTE: Our ferrets are all based within the UK.


Due to BREXIT, Pet Passports are no longer available in the UK. New laws prevent certain travel. Kits will only be available in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Our ferrets are permitted to travel via a trusted pet courier around the UK for those who require this.

*Contact us on the form below, if you do not hear from us within 72 hours then you may have entered an incorrect email for us to reach you on!*

If you still have no response, then please message us via our

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE



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