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        So you've decided a Fairoak Ferret is for you. Drop us an email on our "Contact Us" page or message us on Facebook and tell us a little about yourself and your ferrets, we love to hear your stories and we love pictures! Kits are available for Reservation from 5/6 weeks of age after their first vet check, contact us to be put on our Reservation List, don't forget to tell us what gender kit you would like and any other details.

        Our kits are ready for adoption between the ages of 8 to 10 weeks. When we are fully happy with weights and independence of our kits we will get them ready to go to their new homes. Kits are to be adopted in pairs unless you are planning to add one of our babies to your existing business of ferrets. None of our kits will leave the Ferretry before the age of 8 weeks.

        If you are new to ferret ownership, ask yourself a few questions first to make sure you are ready. Can you meet the following criteria? Do you:


​-   Have plenty of time?
        Your ferrets aren't maintenance free, and you'll need time not only to care for their physical needs, but also to play with them and be their companion. If you haven't checked already, have a read through of our basic "Caring For Ferrets" section.


-   Have plenty of funds?
        Your ferrets will need neutering when they come of age. This is of utmost importance for your jill ferrets, and is necessary if you want a calm, non-stinky and happy hob. Check with your vet on prices of neutering your ferrets. Vet prices can vary from as little as £35 right up to £130 for castrations and spays, so make sure you have a good vet to go to for this operation. Make sure you put a little money aside each month for any unexpected vet bills!

-   Have the ability to ensure consistency?

        This is very important. Find yourself a routine together, and stick to it. Consistency is key for training purposes. Find a method of training and keep at it continuously. Jumping from one method to another will only confuse your ferrets and make the both of you frustrated. Your ferrets will need continued nip training once they have left Fairoak Ferretry and may need to be re-trained when they hit their "teenage stage". Don't forget to keep on top of litter training too! This makes cleaning easier for you.


-   Have stamina?

        Keeping up the ferret routine takes energy, and you'll need to keep it going for the rest of your ferret's life. Daily litter tray scooping, daily checks for stored, stale food, and daily playtimes are all routine things that need to be done. You'll need extra bursts of energy for times when your ferret takes ill or when training him or her to accept another pet, not to mention for those times you feel too tired to keep moving yourself.


-   Have a sense of humour?

        Many of the things ferrets do are funny, but only in retrospect: You're not likely to be amused when cleaning up the latest break-in of your kitchen cupboards or when sifting through their hidden collection of your stolen car keys, rings, jewellery or purse from behind the sofa!


-   Have patience?

        You'll need patience for specific things your ferrets do, like their habit of stealing small objects... but you'll also need patience in general, because ferrets are permanently juvenile. No matter how old they get, they can still act up, cause messes and get into lots of trouble. You need to keep a constant eye on playtimes to make sure nobody is trying to escape or get themselves into a situation they can be injured no matter what age they are.

        If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then you are ready for your ferrets! Please email us at: for details on selecting and purchasing your new Fairoak Ferret baby!

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