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        Kits are generally born near the end of April right through to June. We prefer our kits to stay with their mothers for as long as possible as kits learn a lot of essentials from them. Mums will let us know when their kits are ready to leave home, this can from anything from 8 to 11 weeks of age.


        We will keep you updated on your selected kit(s) progress as they develop, and when we are happy with their size and weight we will let them go when appropriate. None of our kits will leave for new homes before 8 weeks of age.

        Kits can be quite a challenge for a first time ferret owner, and require plenty of nip training as you would teach a puppy or kitten not to be nippy and grow into a well rounded and polite animal. We continuously handle and nip train our kits, but this training will need to continue in your home! For more details on training and looking after your new baby, visit our "Caring for Ferrets" page.

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