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        Our little Ferretry holds the welfare of our animals first and foremost above anything else. All of our ferrets are our pampered pets and live the best lives they possibly can. As well as being fanatical about ferrets, we are also big fans of gaming, films and comics. Those with a keen eye may have noticed that our ferrets and litters all have game themed names! While the ferrets are relaxing after a hard day playing, we will usually wind down with an evening of Nintendo. Humans have to play too you know!

Here is a little about us.. you may have guessed by now that we are very passionate about ferrets! It all started with a little Sable hob named Zombie. Zombie came into our lives in 2008, and although he has now sadly passed away, he left us with the passion for ferrets like never before! Ferrets have been a big part of our lives for many years now. From the pleasures of keeping them as pets, to the pride of competing (and judging!) them at shows, we have countless stories of our adventures with these wonderful animals... and it's all thanks to that little boy Zombie!


Our ferrets are a huge part of our family. They are not just breeding animals, they are first and foremost our pets and live just like pampered pets should!


To the right and below are photos of our ferrets nursing and playtime shed. This is where our mothers give birth and rear the litters, and also where they can run and take a break from the babies. We spend a lot of time out here with the girls, and they love being here too! Each nursing block is 5ft long and can be extended via removal of a special dividing wall to make a 10ft nursing block for when the kits are roaming out of the nest. Each nest has soft fleece blankets so the mothers can make lovely warm areas for their kits.

Our groups of residents here at Fairoak each have large homes to play and rest. Below is our custom built aviary which is divided into two, and houses two of our groups of mixed adults and older kits.

Every area of their homes are furnished with hammocks, blankets, tunnels, toys and hidey holes! We rotate furnishings every couple of weeks to keep things new and interesting for our ferrets. Enrichment is key to a happy and healthy animal!

All of our ferrets homes are bright, airy and spacious. Our ferrets are kept outdoors with natural light levels and lots of fresh air. In the summer you will find our ferrets chilling out in their soft hammocks, while in winter you'll see them snuggled in their blankets and hanging cubes.


Ferrets thrive in natural temperatures in the UK and winter is a favourite time for them! During the heat of the summer months we rotate frozen bottles of water wrapped in towels so that they have somewhere to cool down and prevent overheating.

To the right is our 9ft converted Chicken Coop! This coop has been modified so that it is totally ferret proof, damp proof and cleaning friendly! We often get asked... why is everything white?? Well, having white floorings and walls not only brightens up the ferret areas, but it also encourages a nice clean home. At Fairoak we pride our ferrets clean and fresh enclosures and we clean up after our ferrets daily and wash their bedding and blankets weekly.


In some breeding facilities, animals are kept in small single hutches with no place to run, exercise, engage, or have any enrichment at all. At Fairoak we ensure that all of our animals have large and roomy enclousures and plenty of interaction every single day. During the season, our intact males have 10ft singles, 5 ft double and 5ft triple hutches EACH to themselves, equiped with hammocks and toys just like they do in their groups! The below image is of our "batchelor pad" a giant 10 foot long Triple enclosure! Each section belongs to a single Seasonal male during summer. When choosing a breeder they should be more than happy to show you every inch of their breeding facility. Keeping things hidden would only mean there is something to hide. 


As well as the enclosures, our ferrets get daily time out of their homes and places to play, play, play! We have a 22 panel Marshall playpen for outside play in the lovely Welsh sunshine. The ferrets love sprinting around in the grass and chasing each other through the tubes! On rainy days, our ferrets will play in the nursing shed or come indoors for a potter around our home! Ferrets just love to explore and we love watching them getting up to all sorts of mischief!

Once again, many breeders do not allow their breeding animals the pleasure of being able to sprint and play daily. Ask your breeder about their out of enclosure activities! Ferrets are very intelligent animals that require daily enrichment such as playtimes to keep them happy and healthy.

What Fairoak Believe in:


  • Our ferrets are part of our family and are treated as such

  • All of our ferrets, whether they are old, young, in groups, or separated for the season, live in large and spacious enclousures with appropriate furnishings.

  • Our ferrets get daily playtime out of their enclosures and daily interaction with us, their humans!

  • All of our ferrets thrive on a diet of fresh, raw meat daily. Our ferrets are 100% Raw Fed a balanced diet!

  • Our ferrets are treated at South Wales' no1 exotic animal practice, Valley Vets (As seen on BBC) We will NEVER deny any of our animals vet treatment!

  • We believe our kits should leave with at least basic nip training and litter training. Our kits are handled daily to create well balanced, friendly pets.

  • Our breeding ferrets are all health checked and fit before each breeding season.

  • When breeding with Full angora males, we will only use those with minimal to non-nose fault.

What Fairoak Will NEVER do:


  • Our ferrets stay with us for life. We do NOT sell off our adults when they retire.

  • Breeding is striving for the best in your animals. At Fairoak our focus is on the health and wellbeing of the animals, we are not breeding for mass amounts of fancy colouration with the potential for deafness or mass amounts of full angora offspring for maximum profits. We breed for health first and foremost.

  • Fairoak will not support or encourage breeders who do not care for their animals welfare. Fairoak will only home and rehome to and from those who care for their ferrets like we do.

  • We will never keep our ferrets in tiny environments or deny our ferrets daily enrichment.

  • We will never feed our animals a poor diet or settle for second best.

  • We will never risk breeding from a full angora female, and will will never use angoras in our breeding programme with severe nose deformities.

And What Should You Do As A Potential Home?:


  • Ask questions, and plenty of them! Do not be afraid to speak up to your breeder and find out everything you need to know about your potential animals! Ask to see how they are raised, frequent photos, videos.. Your breeder should be able to tell you everything about your kit without hesitation.

  • Research, research, research! You shouldn't feel as though you can't ask your breeder for tips and advice, but you should read up on everything ferret related before even thinking about taking on a ferret as a pet. They are a commitment!

  • Meet your breeder and collect your kit! At Fairoak we actively encourage all of our owners to collect their kit in person. Couriers can be used but as a new owner you should really visit your new babies place of birth, meet his/her parents, and of course, meet your breeder!

  • Do not feel pressured into anything you do not want to do. If you express interest in a kit, your breeder should not be relentless on forcing you to take the animal. Nor should the breeder insist on delivering your kit to you or meeting at a place other than the breeders facility. Ensure your new ferret is coming from a top quality environment!


        If you are interested in any of our litters, take a look around our "Kits" page for more details. If you are ready to reserve your kit, check out the details on our "Adoption page".

        If you require any further information, feel free to contact us via our email address:  

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