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        Our 2018 Breeding Season has been an extremely emotional year for us, with many ups and downs. Our babies have grown into wonderful little fuzzies and have been making their new owners very happy indeed.

        Here are the babies that 2018 brought to our little ferretry:

The "Neopian PetPets" Litter

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Igglybuff x Fairoak's Blumaroo

Born: 30/04/18 - 3 Angora & 3 Semi Kits

Fairoak's Baby Blu (Champagne Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Ditsy (Choc Sable Angora Jill)
Fairoak's Meepit (Choc Sable Semi Hob)
Fairoak's Pepito (Marked DEW? Semi Hob)
Fairoak's Razumi (Choc Sable PN Angora Jill)

Fairoak's Tigermouse (ChocRoan Mitt Semi Jill)

The "Brütal Legend" Litter

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Cynder x Naturellement Entei

Born: 02/05/18 - 4 Angora & 6 Semi Kits

Fairoak's Ormagöden (Black Roan Mitt Angora Hob)

Fairoak's General Lionwhyte (Marked DEW Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Doviculus (Dark Silver Mitt Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Ophelia (Black Self PN Angora Jill)

Fairoak's KillMaster Lemmy (Black Sable NP Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Succoria (Dark Sable Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Fletus (Dark Sable Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Rima (Sable Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Eddie Riggs (Sable Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Kabbage Boy (Dark Sable Semi Hob)

The "God Of War" Litter

{Half Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Filippa x Fairoak's Riolu (Coal)

Born: 03/05/18 - 3 Half Kits

Fairoak's Athena (Sable Half Jill)
Fairoak's Lysandra (Sable Siamese Marked Half Jill)
Fairoak's Medusa (Sable Half Jill)

"Pikmin" Litter 2018

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Indiana De La Cote Ouest (Aveline) x

Territory of Weasel Furor (Geralt)

Born: 22/05/18 - 3 Angora & 5 Semi Kits

Fairoak's Captain Olimar (Sable Bibbed Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Louie (Sable Mitt Harlequin Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Brittany (ChocRoan Harlequin Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Alph (Champagne Bibbed Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Pikmin (SableRoan Harlequin Mitt Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Doodlebug (Champagne Bibbed Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Emperor Bulblax (Sable Harlequin Mitt Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Captain Charlie (Sable Mitt Semi Hob)


"NieR" Litter 2018

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Togepi x Territory of Weasel Furor (Geralt)

Born: 12/06/18 -  3 Angora & 4 Semi Kits

Fairoak's NieR -Sable Harlequin Semi Hob
Fairoak's Emil - Silver Mitt Semi Hob
Fairoak's Grimoire Weiss - Silver NP Angora Hob
Fairoak's Yonah - Dark Silver Mitt Semi Jill
Fairoak's Kainé - Silver Mitt Angora Jill
Fairoak's Gestalt - Marked DEW Semi Hob
Fairoak's Shadowlord - Sable Angora Hob


"Yu-Gi-Oh Card" Litter 2018

{Half Angora Kits}


MMF's Saffron (Marina) x

Hillbiörns Cheviros Willy Wonka (Wesker)

Born: 21/06/18 - 7 Jills & 2 Hobs, Half Angora

Fairoak's Gemini Elf (Dark Silver Mitt Jill)

Fairoak's Gigastone Omega (Champagne Half Hob)
Fairoak's Exodia The Forbidden (Black Roan Half Jill)
Fairoak's Empress Mantis (Black Roan Half Jill)
Fairoak's Obelisk The Tormentor (Lilac Mitt Half Hob)
Fairoak's Lilith Lady Of Lament (Dark Sable Half Jill)
Fairoak's Fluffal Owl (Champagne Half Jill)
Fairoak's Lemon Magician Girl (Champagne Mitt Half Jill)
Fairoak's Revival Rose (Sable Half Jill)


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Send us an email at or join our Facebook Group if you are interested in kits from our prospective parents, the waiting list is now open!

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