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        Our 2019 Breeding Season has been a very long one, having started very early for us this year! We have had some marvellous kits this year from our new stud boys and kepts a lot of fabulous descendants to work with for our Fairoak future!

        Here are the babies that 2019 brought to our little ferretry:


 "Rayman Legends" Litter 2019

{Half Angora Kits}


Sharlowes Storm (Mona The Vampire) x Fairoak's Ormagoden

Born: 15/05/19 -  6 Half Angora Kits


Fairoak's Grand Minimus - Dark Silver Mitt - Half Hob
Fairoak's Murfy - Sable - Half Hob
Fairoak's Olympia - Silver Mitt - Half Jill
 Fairoak's Rayman - Silver - Half Hob
Fairoak's Teensy Queen - Silver - Half Jill
Fairoak's Barbara - Silver - Half Jill


 "Undertale" Litter 2019

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Exodia the Forbidden x Fairoak's Grimoire Weiss

Born: 13/04/19 -  3 Angora & 6 Semi Kits

Fairoak's Asgore Dreemurr (Silver Mitt Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Frisk (Dark Sable Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Toriel Dreemurr (Silver Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Mettaton ( Sable Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Undyne (Black Roan Mitt Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Sans  (Sable Semi Hob)

Fairoak's Papyrus (Silver Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Chara (Silver Mitt Semi Jill)

Fairoak's Alphys (Sable Semi Jill)


 "Moshi Monsters" Litter 2019

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Lemon Magician Girl x Fairoak's Blumaroo

Born: 05/05/19 -  2 Angora & 4 Semi Kits

Fairoak's Diavlo - Champagne Mitt Semi Hob
Fairoak's Furi - Chocolate Angora Hob
Fairoak's Katsuma - Champagne Mitt? Semi Jill
Fairoak's Luvli - Lilac Angora Jill
Fairoak's Poppet - Lilac? Semi Jill
Fairoak's Zommer - Lilac? Semi Hob


 "Halo" Litter 2019

{Half Angora Kits}


"Blissey" at Fairoak x Belli & Monelli's Giovanni

Born: 02/06/19 -  3 Half Angora Kits


Fairoak's Arbiter - Champagne Half Hob

Fairoak's Cortana - Champagne Half jill

Fairoak's Serina- ChocSable Half Jill

P1360799 copy.jpg

"Team Chaotix" Litter 2019

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Empress Mantis x Fairoak's Ormagoden

Born: 17/03/19 -  3 Full Angora Kits

Fairoak's Vector (Silver Mitt Angora Hob)

Fairoak's Charmy Bee (Black Roan Mitt Angora Jill)

Fairoak's Espio  (Black Sable Angora Hob)


"Cooking Mama" Litter 2019

{Half Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Tigermouse x Fairoak's Obelisk The Tormentor

Born: 27/04/19 -  8 Half Kits

Fairoak's Salisbury Steak - ChocRoan Mitt Half Hob

Fairoak's Croquette - Choc?Roan Mitt Half Hob

Fairoak's Kimchi - ChocRoan Mitt Half Jill

Fairoak's Crème Brûlée - Champagne Mitt Half Jill

Fairoak's Takoyaki - Lilac Mitt Half Hob

Fairoak's Gazpacho - Lilac Mitt Half Hob

Fairoak's Pork Cutlet - ChocRoan Mitt Half Hob


 "Dark Souls" Litter 2019

{Semi Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Filippa x Naturellement's Entei

Born: 26/06/19 -  3 Kits


Fairoak's Executioner Smough - Siamese Harlequin HOB

Fairoak's Artorias The Abysswalker - Sable HOB

Fairoak's Dragonslayer Ornstein - Siamese HOB

P1390074 copy.jpg

 "Horizon Zero Dawn" Litter 2019

{Standard Shorthair Kits}


Fairoak's Tempest x FT's Ezio Auditore da Furetti at Fairoak

Born: 01/06/19 -  1 Standard Shorthair Kit


Fairoak's Aloy - Choc Sable Shorthair Jill



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Send us an email at or join our Facebook Group if you are interested in kits from our prospective parents, the waiting list is now open!

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