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        The Jills are definitely the queens of the ferretry, demanding the utmost respect and civil behaviour from the boys! Like most Jills, our girls aren't afraid to stand up for themselves and tell off naughty boys for silliness. Despite our girls very typical bossy natures, they are all wonderful, smart females who love a good fuss and pampering!



        Lysa is a very special girl in our Ferretry. She is an extremely unusual "Siamese" marked, half angora jill, and is quite the head turner! Lysa was born from our God of War litter out of our own bred Filippa and Riolu (Known as Coal, who returned to us as a stud).

       Lysa had a bit of a shakey start, as herself and her littermates got caught up in bedding at just 4 weeks of age. Tragically we lost most of the litter due to the incident, however managed to revive Lysa much to mum Filippa's delight. Both Lysa and Fili are highly bonded, so we decided to keep Lysandra here with us at Fairoak.

        Her unusual concentrated point markings have been quite a talking point, and is a bit of a mystery to us! She is a fit and active girl, very much taking after her mum and great grandmother Midna. We are watching Lysa as she ages and potentially see her with her own litter in the future!




        Marina is an absolutely stunning standard shorthair jill from Mischief Makers Ferrets in mid Wales! True to Fairoak fashion, our new family member had to have a game related name, and since her ferretry is called Mischief Makers, we HAD to name her after the N64 star Marina from the game.... Mischief Makers!

       MMF focus on breeding miniature ferrets, however Marina was a bit of the odd one out, weighing a whopping 1kg at just 13 weeks old! Perfect for us at Fairoak, we like 'em big! She is a gorgeous Black Roan Mitt, and a real show stopper.

       Marina achieved a Best Kit in Show at one the the UK's biggest shows, the Ashfield Ferret Show 2017! Marina scooped this award in a huge competition against 52 others aged just 6 months! Prior to this win she had scooped a Reserve Best Kit in Show at just 5 months old. Marina then went on to win BIG achieving the title of Champion Best Kit of 2017 aged just 7 months!



        Gorgeous Exodia is one of our many keepers from our 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Cards litter from Marina, our show champion standard shorthair girl, and Wesker, our Swedish full angora Chocolate Sable boy. Exodia 100% takes after her mum, and is big, stocky, and simply stunning! She is a beautiful Black Mitt Half Angora girl and is remarkably well behaved for a youngster.

        Exodia reached a weight of 1.3kg at just 21 weeks old, and has a brilliant confirmation, with a lovely teddy bear head. Her adult weight settles at a fantastic 1.2kg

        Exodia had her first litter in 2019, know as the "Undertale" Litter. These guys were sired by our Grimoire Weiss and have the perfect combination of head shape, size, and gorgeous temperament! We are really pleased with what Exodia has brought to Fairoak, and are very excited to see her in the show circuit!




        Gorgeous Fili is an incredibly beautiful, light silver/marked DEW, semi angora girl, born at Fairoak in 2016. Fili is part of the Lodge of Sorceresses litter with parents Geralt, our full angora DEW male from Russia, and Amaterasu, our own bred Semi angora girl. Fili is a stunning brilliant white coated female with a very striking black line of fur running down her back into her tail. She certainly is an attractive young lady!

        Filippa joined our breeding programme in 2017. Fili's sister Ciri is a full angora female with a perfect nose, so hopefully with correct pairing we can see more perfect nosed results. Fili had a wonderful litter in 2017 with our Entei. The result was the most amazing confirmation we have ever seen in our kits! In 2018 she produced the lovely Lysandra, our Siamese, from our God of War litter wih our own bred boy Riolu.




        Small yet mighty! Little Poppet is one of our newest additions to Fairoak, having been born here in 2019 as part of our "Moshi Monsters" litter. Her parents are our own bred girl Lemon Magician Girl (Of the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards litter 2018) and our own bred Angora boy Blumaroo (Of the Neopets litter in 2016). Poppet is still a youngster at the moment, but is such a huge character we just HAD to keep her here as a resident Fairoaker!

       Poppet still needs to grow, but looks to be taking after her mum Lemon in her cheeky nature ad stature. She is a beautiful Lilac mitt girl, and has lots of lovely silvery flecks in her tail. We hope to see cheeky little Poppet grow into a gorgeous young fuzz and bring us hopefully some more perfect nosed Angora's in her future litters!




        Yonah is the sister to our Grimoire Weiss from our 2018 "NieR" Litter.



        Say hello to Togepi! Little Pea is gorgeous, half angora, Black Roan Mitt also bred here at Fairoak! She is from our 2017 Baby Pokemon Litter out of Moxxi and Entei. Togepi stole our hearts as the smallest in the litter but pulled through and blossomed into the gorgeous girl she is today!

       Togepi produced a gorgeous litter with our Geralt in 2018, the NieR litter, and is the mother to our big, gorgeous, full angora boy Grimoire Weiss.

       She is a confident and playful girl, enjoying time bouncing and flinging herself through the air! She certainly enjoys her friends Cynder and Marina and you'll often see her doing a sneak attack to get them to play with her. Togepi has done us proud taking a 1st place in Silver Kit class at the Ashfield show against 26 other entries!



        Tigermouse is a beautiful Lilac mitt Semi Angora girl from our own bred Igglybuff of the Baby Pokemon Litter, and our handsome Blumaroo of our Neopets litter. Tigermouse was born in 2018 and is such a sweet girl, full of cuddles and love!

       Tiger is our most sensible of the adolecent ferret group at Fairoak, and often intervenes when the naughty boys are playing too rough or making too much noise! Her best friend is Exodia, who is equally calm.

        Tigermouse is a suprisingly large jill, weighing 1.4kg at just 25 weeks, which has been quite a shock! Tiger gave us her first litter sired by Obelisk in 2019, known as the "Cooking Mama" litter. These guys have turned out to be GIANT babies much like Tiger herself, and are surely causing all sorts of chaos and mischievous behaviour there!



        Olympia ia a very special half angora lady who was brought to Fairoak by the help of our amazing friends at Sharlowes Ferretry.








        Young Toriel is a stunning Semi Angora lady from our 2019 "Undertale litter out of our Grimoire Weiss and Exodia The Forbidden.














        Bold and beautiful Undyne is one of our Semi Angora girls from our 2019 "Undertale" Litter out of Grimoire Weiss and Exodia The Forbidden.




        Here comes trouble! Cynder is our second black self ferret to appear here at Fairoak! She is a second generation Fairoak and the daughter of our own bred Bayonetta and handsome Russian Geralt! She is a stunning, muscular, half angora girl and produced for us an absolutely outstanding litter in 2018, the Brutal Legend kits!

        Cynder has started her show career quite well too, gaining a second place (Beaten only to Marina!) in a HUGE Jill Kit class of 30+ ferrets! Her first ever ferret show and her temperament was impeccable. She also won 1st place at one of the UK's biggest ferret shows, The Ashfield Ferret Show, against a huge class again of 30+ Dark Kits! Cynder certainly is maturing into a lovely, well rounded young lady. At home, Cynder can be found playing and mostly eating! She is very bonded to her mum Bayonetta, which is lovely to see.

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