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        Our current litters will be updated here as the kits grow and develop. If you would like to see more pictures of the current litters then please follow our Facebook page. 

        Kits shown here are reserved for those on our Reservation List unless otherwise stated.


 "Dark Souls Bosses" Litter 2022

{Part & Full Angora Kits}

Fairoak's Empress Mantis x Fairoak's Dragonslayer Ornstein

Born: 07/05/22 - 2 Part & 2 Full Angora Kits

Fairoak's Seath The Scaleless - Silver Part Hob *RESERVED*

Fairoak's Grey Wolf Sif - Silver Angora Hob *HOLD*

Fairoak's Gravelord Nito - Sable Angora Hob *STAYING*

Fairoak's Moonlight Butterfly - Silver Angora Jill


 "Final Fantasy" Litter 2022

{Semi & Full Angora Kits}

Fairoak's Cloud 9 x Fairoak's Revolver Ocelot

Born: 11/05/22 - 2 Semi & 4 Full Angora Kits

Fairoak's Sephiroth - Angora Hob - Champagne *STAYING*

Fairoak's Vincent Valentine - Angora Hob - Sable *RESERVED*

Fairoak's Yuffie - Angora Jill - Champagne Mitt *STAYING*

Fairoak's Tifa Lockheart - Angora Jill - Lilac *RESERVED*

Fairoak's Lightning - Semi Jill - Champagne *STAYING*

Fairoak's Yuna - Semi Jill - Silver Mitt



Send us an email at or join our Facebook Group if you are interested in kits from our prospective parents.

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