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Ashfield Ferret Show CHAMPIONSHIP 2017

A crazy weekend, but so so amazing! Went back to the Ashfield ferret show yesterday (By train! gahhh! 😵) with some of the Fairoak team, and once again, blown away!!!! Our Marina who won Best Kit in Show last month qualified for the Championship.... and she won Champion Kit of 2017!! She recieved her qualifiers rosette, along with Entei who also won his for his BIS last month. Our gorgeous Togepi won 1st place in Silver Kit, which was another massive shock! Sadly I had to leave mid way through the show to get my train back, but was still a fab day. Literally bursting with pride, and still cant get over the size of this trophy and rosette! 😂 MMF Saffron (Marina) Vicki Moxon - Best Kit Qualifier Naturellement Entei - BIS Qualifier Fairoak's Togepi - 1st Place Silver Kits Marina - Champion Kit 2017!!! 🎉💕 More pics later this week! :D

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