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Our FIRST Ashfield Ferret Show!

Just wow!!! Yesterday we went to the Ashfield Ferret Show, my first ever Ashfield and so, so, so many Ferrets there! I was actually overwhelmed! I cannot believe my fuzzies did so well, Best Kit In Show AND Best In Show!! 😱 I'm so proud I cried 🙈!!!

It was an amazing day and amazing to put faces to names I've known for a while now. Really amazing show and great atmosphere, I'm exhausted! Here's the results!!

1st Place Dark Kits - Fairoak's Cynder 1st Place Silver Kits - Marina 1st Place Dark Sandy - Eevee 1st Place Angora -Entei 💕 2nd Place Angora - Fairoak's Blumaroo 2nd Place Colour Jill - Fairoak's Ocarina of Time 4th Place Dark Jill's - Fairoak's Bayonetta 4th Place Sandy Jill - Fairoak's Tempest 4th Place Angora Kit - Fairoak's Ragnarök

BEST KIT IN SHOW - Marina! BEST IN SHOW - Entei! 💕

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