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        Our 2016 season has been out busiest season yet! So many wonderful babies and a few amazing suprises in colourations too, including our very first black self!

        Here are the babies that 2016 brought to our little ferretry:

The Umbra Witches


PaddyFerrets Moxxi x FollyBridge's Thor (Stud on Loan)

Born: 2/05/16 - Part Angora Kits


On the 02/05/16 Moxxi and Thor produced 3 wonderful Part Angora Kits. This was Moxxi's first litter and she did a wonderful job! This pairing brought Fairoak's very first Black Self to the ferretry, the lovely Bayonetta:


Fairoak's Jeanne - Silver Jill
Fairoak's Bayonetta - Black Self Jill
Fairoak's Rosa - Cinnamon Jill


The "Witcher Sorceresses" Litter

{Semi & Full Angora}

Fairoak's Amaterasu (Lady Ammy) x Territory of Weasel Furor (Geralt)

Born: 12/7/16 - Semi & Full Angora Kits

Fairoak's Cirilla - Silver Mitt - Full Angora Jill
Fairoak's Yennefer - Sable Harlequin Mitt - Full Angora Jill
Fairoak's Ida - Marked DEW/Silver - Semi Angora Jill
Fairoak's Filippa - Marked DEW/Silver -Semi Angora Jill
Fairoak's Triss - Marked Sable - Full Angora Jill


The "Neopets" Litter

{Semi & Full Angora}

​DominoMoon's Shooting Star (Midna) x RAF's Little Aggy Austin

Born: 11/5/16 - Semi & Full Angora Kits


Fairoak's Lutari (Choc Sable Marked - Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Kiko (Champagne - Semi Jill)
Fairoak's JubJub (Champagne Harlequin - Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Ixi (Choc Sable Marked - Angora Jill)
Fairoak's Aisha (Choc Sable Marked - Angora Jill)
Fairoak's Blumaroo (Chocolate Harlequin - Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Quiggle (Albino - Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Bori (Champagne Marked - Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Gelert (Albino - Semi Hob)


The Board Games


​Aperture Science GLaDOS x Mork (Stud from Sharlowes Ferretry)

Born: 19/4/16 - Standard Short Hair kits (No angora in lines)

Our lovely Glados had a repeat mating with Mork again in 2016 to produce the  Board Games! These little scamps had big personalities!


Fairoak's Scrabble (Albino Hob)
Fairoak's Boggle (Champagne Hob)

Fairoak's Twister (Champagne Jill)
Fairoak's Jenga (Champagne Jill)
Fairoak's Cluedo (Albino Jill)
Fairoak's Uno (Champagne Jill)


The Triforce Goddesses

AngelicFerrets Mousehouse Minnie (Zelda) x FollyBridge's Thor (Stud on loan)

Born: 30/4/16 - Part Angora Kits

Zelda once again did us proud with her little trio of gorgeous girls! These ladies are full of play and naughtiness, a lot like their mum!

Fairoak's Din Goddess of Power (Cinnamon Self Jill)
Fairoak's Nayru Goddess of Wisdom (Albino Jill)
Fairoak's Farore Goddess of Courage (Lilac Jill)



The "Eeveelutions" Litter

{Semi & Full Angora}


AngoraFerretry's Eevee x Fairoak's Roario

Born: 01/5/16 - Semi & Full Angora Kits


Fairoak's Umbreon (Chocolate Self - Semi Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Espeon (Chocolate - Full Angora Jill)
Fairoak's Jolteon (Chocolate - Semi Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Vaporeon (Chocolate Self - Full Angora Jill)
Fairoak's Flareon (Chocolate Self - Full Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Leafeon (Marked Choc Sable- Full Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Glaceon (Marked Choc Sable - Semi Angora Hob)
Fairoak's Sylveon (Choc Sable - Full Angora Jill)



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