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        Our breeding mostly focuses on "perfect nosed" full angora and standards. However there is always a chance of other percentages of angora with certain pairings. Angora percentages can be confusing, hopefully the below list clears things up a little. If you require more information, please contact us.
       Kits will be offered to those on our waiting lists first, and can be held until we announce they are ready for Reservation. Kits are reserved with a 50% non-refundable deposit, generally when the kits are around 5-6 weeks old.

​Standard Ferret Kits

(mating of two standard shorthair ferrets, no angora in lines) FROM £60 TO £70

Part Angora Ferret Kits

(containing 1/4, aka 25% angora or less than half) FROM £70 to £100

Half Angora Ferret Kits

(containing 1/2, aka 50% angora) FROM £80 to £120

Semi Angora Ferret Kits

(containing 2/3 or 3/4, aka 60-75% angora) FROM £80 to £150


Full Angora Ferret Kits

(100% angora. Characterized by long top coat) FROM £180 to £280


Price ranges vary depending on the colour of your kit as well as the length of fur (Type of Angora) For example, a Half Angora Champagne kit will be likely priced on the lower end of the spectrum due to being a more common colour

. A Half Angora Chocolate or Black Solid however is a much rarer type of colouration and will likely be in higher pricing of the Half Angora spectrum. A Half Angora with markings such as mitts or harlequin will likely be priced in the mid-range scale depending on it's base colouring.

Full Angora kits are priced on quality of nose as well as colouration. A neat and faultless nose will be priced higher than one with a furry nose and large clefts/folds.

        ****Prices of ferrets take into account feeding of our Mothers through pregnancy and through weaning, vet check up's, microchips and care for our mothers and kits, weaning of our kits on a variety of fresh raw meats, and also cleaning and training time expenses. Our ferrets are well-loved and cared for, we also offer lifetime support with your kit.****

      Kits will leave the Ferretry from 8 weeks minimum, however this time may be longer depending on how independent they are of their mothers. Kits will never be sold younger than 8 weeks. They will go to their new homes with a contract, care sheet, a bag of Back 2 Nature ferret litter, a small toy scented like their mum, and a 450g pack of frozen raw meat. All kits will be treated with Frontline Spray.

      Due to BREXIT, Pet Passports are no longer available in the UK. New laws prevent certain travel. Kits will only be available in the UK for the forseable future.

       We are based in South Wales, if the distance is a problem for you to collect your kit(s) then we have a highly recommended pet courier who can travel your kit directly to your door. Many UK angora breeders recommend using Petey's Paws To Home please get in touch with them via their website to arrange times and dates for picking up and delivering your chosen baby. Couriers are a reliable and comfortable way to get your baby to you in complete safety.

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