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         With both indoor and outdoor housing, your ferrets need playtimes outside of their cages. This is essential for ferrets as although they are heavy sleepers (often sleeping for a total of 16 to 18 hours a day) when they wake up from a nap they are full of energy and need to burn it off! A ferret left in a cage all day will become a "bar-biter". This is where a ferret becomes destructive of their homes and bite and rag the bars in an attempt to break free. This can break a ferrets teeth and cause serious injury, so keep your ferrets happy to prevent him or her getting bored and hurting themselves.


        Kits have tons of energy and want to play, play, play! An excellent play area is a pet playpen or run. Many varieties are available on the market, such as pop-up fabric pens, metal bar folding pens, and traditional wood panel runs. Do ensure that these pens are large enough for your ferret to sprint though, the best sizes are those suitable for puppies. If your home is "Ferret-Proof" (no gaps or cracks in walls and floorboards, no wires or cables to get tangled in etc) then a ferret can happily run about your home. They love to climb though so beware of ferrets falling off sofas and tables! Ferrets are exceptionally curious animals and will surprise you with what they can fit into, so always supervise playtimes. Provide plenty of entertainment such as tunnels, pipes, tubes and baby toys. They will have you in fits of laughter chasing each other through the pipes and running around with little toys in their mouths!


        For more one on one time with your ferrets you can take them for a short walk on a harness and lead. Many harness and lead sets ferrets can escape from by squeezing their bodies through the loops so find the smallest you can buy. Ebay sell excellent ferret harnesses made of leather, Ferret Couture is another reputable seller of harnesses, and rather fancy ones too!

        Above all, if you are letting your ferrets have playtime in your house/room/garden, please ensure it is SAFE! Ferrets are naturally curious animals and WILL try to squeeze themselves into small gaps, open drawers, get into cupboards and fall into holes. They may be curious but they are also clumsy! Ensure all hazards are accounted for before allowing your ferret free-roam. If you want more information on Ferret-Proofing any area, please have a read through the UK Ferret Info website for more details:

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