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        Our 2020 Breeding Season was supposed to be our year off breeding... however, we soon realised we had some adults that just needed one heir before going into our retirement group. So with that, we had two litters so that the parents could retire at the end of 2020 rather than wait for 2021.

        Here are the babies that 2020 brought to our little ferretry:


 "Rocket League" Litter 2020

{Half & Full Angora Kits}


Fairoak's Tigermouse x Fairoak's Obelisk The Tormentor

Born: 19/06/20 -  2 Half & 2 Full Angora Kits


Fairoak's Octane - ChocRoan Harlequin - Half Hob
Fairoak's Sweet Tooth - ChocRoan Harlequin - Angora Jill
Fairoak's Hotshot - ChocRoan Harlequin - Angora Hob
 Fairoak's Gizmo - Chocolate Sable - Half Hob



 "Elder Scrolls" Litter 2019

{Angora & Half Kits}


Fairoak's Serina x Fairoak's Blumaroo

Born: 11/07/20 -  2 Angora & 1 Semi Kits


Fairoak's Skyrim- Chocolate Sable Angora Hob
Fairoak's Oblivion - Champagne Semi Hob
Fairoak's Morrowind - Champagne Angora Hob




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Send us an email at or join our Facebook Group if you are interested in kits from our prospective parents, the waiting list is now open!

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