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        The hobs are definitely the clowns in the ferretry, often causing mischief and getting into trouble! During the winter months our breeding hobs live happily with the Jills and our Castrated Hobs. During the rutting season our breeding hobs have their own separate living quarters, plenty of toys, and plenty of one on one time with us.


         We are delighted to present our incredible, own bred boy Weiss to our breeding programme! Weiss was bred here at Fairoak in 2018 as part of our NieR themed litter. He is out of our own bred girl Togepi and our Russian boy Geralt. Weiss is from Geralt's very final litter before retirement, making not-so-little Weiss very special indeed in preserving a wonderful lineage.

        Weiss is a beautiful light silver Full Angora male with a very, very, very close to perfect angora nose! He's an extremely stocky young lad, tipping the scales at 2.5kg aged just 20 weeks! His adult weight sits at a strong 2.8kg during winter months. He has inherited his grandad Entei's fabulous confirmation, so we really hope as he ages he takes after both boys in his line. Weiss has the sweetest and silliest temperament, and we hope as he ages he continues to do us proud.

        Weiss sired his first litter in 2019, the "Undertale" litter, where we had a gorgeous litter of beautiful temperaments, just like himself!




        Gorgeous Blu is from the 2016 "Neopets" litter and is the son of our wonderful Midna (DominoMoon's Shooting Star) and our head boy Austin! (RAF's Little Aggy Austin). Being the son of our Austin, Blu sure has some big boots to fill, he takes after his fabulous father in temperament, but certainly much bigger in size!
        Blumaroo has a colouration just like his big sister Amaterasu. He has lovely chocolatey points, a big white bib and mitted paws.... and the fantastic harlequin spotty markings on his tummy, just like Ammy!

        Blu sired his first litter in 2018 with our own bred girl Igglybuff, the resulting kits were a fabulous mix of chocolates, champagne and lilacs, with a perfect nosed angora female and two close perfects. In 2019 he sired another beautiful litter of Champagne, Chocolate and Lilac from our own bred girl Lemon. We are confident that Blu will continue Austin's legacy of helping us achieve more wonderful neat noses in our Fairoak Angoras! 


        Obelisk was born in 2018 out of our handsome, Swedish import Angora Wesker, and our chunky Welsh shorthair lady, Marina. His litter theme was the   "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Cards litter, and Obelisk is one of the resulting, very handsome, Half Angora males! Despite his "terrifying" name, Obelisk is a sweety, and has been frequently commented on his placid nature whilst in full hormonal season!

        Obelisk and his sisters are the start of a brand new line here at Fairoak, and we hope that he will bring us in some of our favoured Perfect Angora noses when paired with the right female. He has a fabulous conformation and is very muscular with a gorgeous teddy bear face. He has done us very proud in ferret shows so far, scooping multiple 1st's in his classes and a Reserve Best In Show at the National Ferret Show at just 1 year old!





        This cute little nugget is The Arbiter! Again, despite his name, Arby is a very sweet youngster, and currently the youngest of our stud boys. Arby is from our 2019 "Halo" litter, father being our Italian import Angora boy, Giovanni, and his mother being our Welsh shorthair girl Blissey. He is a very cute Champagne half Angora boy.

        Arby is the result of an Italian/Swiss lineage we are re-starting, after being unsure of temperament traits. So far Arby is proving to be a delightful youngster, and we really hope that he continues being a lovely, gentle boy. Watch this space for more on Arbiter's growth, and hopefully some show results later on in the year!


        Meet Entei, all the way from France! This handsome Frenchman is a beautiful Black Roan Mitt with Sable undertones. He is a full angora boy with a fabulously PERFECT nose.

        Entei has a wonderful personality and is very gentle and cuddly, he loves to play, play, play and we often find him cuddled up to sleep with his best friend Geralt! He's such a lovely, soppy boy, we are super proud to have him as part of our family.

        In October 2017, Entei blew us away with an incredible win at one of the biggest ferret shows in the UK, the Ashfield Ferret show. Entei took 1st place in Angora Adult and then took Best In Show! One of our proudest achievements.

        Entei sired some wonderful kits for us in 2017, of which we have kept back a couple to progress in 2018. We hope Entei will further help us to achieve those perfect angora noses into our future generations at Fairoak.


         Geralt is an incredible full angora male who has travelled a very long way to be here! Born in Russia, Geralt has lived a few years in Poland and he has now moved here, in lovely Wales, and we are so proud to have him here!

        Geralt is a huge male weighing 3.5kg in his first winter and currently weighing 2.5kg for spring. He has incredible long angora fur that trails down to the floor at a length of 7 inches. He is a very pale silver male who has now roaned into a beautiful Dark Eyed White. His nose is perfect on one nostril, with very minimal cleft on the other side.

        The personality of Geralt is absolutly fabulous, he loves cuddles and kisses and is a total lap ferret. He is very well known in the show circuit and is often "stolen" for lots of cuddles and fuss!

        Geralt has sired many wonderful litters for us over the years, with many of his kits going on to be equally massive in size and structure! He has 3 wonderful children resident at Fairoak, each one just a beautiful as he!

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