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        In 2014 we had two litters of kits here at the ferretry. Our mothers did a fantastic job and between them produced six wonderful babies to Fairoak Ferrets! We wish the babies all the luck in the world in their fab new homes! 

The Okami Litter
RAF'S Little Aggy Austin x Domino Moon's Shooting Star

        Austin and Midna had an adorable litter of 4 fluffy kits in their "Okami Litter" on the 8th July 2014. Midna has been an exceptional mother and her kits have been growing into chunky and robust mischeif makers!

Fairoak's Amaterasu - Semi Angora Chocolate Point Harlequin Mitt Jill
Fairoak's Shiranui - Full Angora Champagne Hob

Fairoak's Sakuya - Full Angora Dark Sandy Jill
Fairoak's Issun - Semi Angora Dark Sandy Hob

The Portal Litter
RAF's Little Aggy Austin X Aperture Science GLaDOS


        Austin and GLaDOS' "Portal Litter" produced two wonderful, fluffy, half angora babies on the 25th April 2014. The Portal litter was GLaDOS's first litter and she was a great mother! 

Fairoak's Chell - Half Angora Albino Jill

Fairoak's Cave Johnson - Half Angora Champagne Hob

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