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Amaterasu Has Her Kits!

We have arrivals from our gorgeous Amaterasu (Lady Ammy) <3 I was up with Ammy the other night till way past 1am, as she did struggle a little with the birth of her first kit earlier in the evening. Her first was sadly stillborn, and on top of that a whopping 19g jill! It took Ammy a long time to get her out and she was quite exhausted :( Thankfully Ammy pushed and with quick succession we had 4 followers, bright and lively and very noisy! Ammy allowed me to help her clean up and she had plenty of head rubs, she was so tired :( She followed up with 2 more kits and was finished. She cleaned up and fell fast asleep after a bowl of RCC <3 Ammy has since perked right up and is a very protective mother! 😅 I do feel very privileged to have been with her for the whelping, but now its time for me to leave her be as she knows exactly what to do now :) ! This gorgeous litter of 6 has 3 angora and 3 semi, one angora looks to have a very near perfect nose and another looks to be close as well. Very proud of our Lady!

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