Introducing Eevee's "Gym Leaders" Litter!


heck out the album on the Fairoak Facebook Page for more pictures of these cuties! Eevee's 2 Week old Gym Leaders! We have the colours worked out on these guys already, they are as follows: Fairoak's Brock - Black Roan? Mitt - Semi Hob Fairoak's Misty - Black Roan Mitt - Angora Jill Fairoak's Lt. Surge - Black Self - Semi Hob Fairoak's Erika - Sable - Semi Jill Fairoak's Koga - Chocolate Sable - Angora Hob Fairoak's Sabrina - Black Self - Semi Jill Fairoak's Blaine - Black Mitt - Angora Hob Fairoak's Lorelei - Black Self - Angora Jill More pics here:

#EeveeKits #Litters

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