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Eevee Has Her Litter!

Yesterday morning (21st) Eevee presented us with our second litter of the season! (Not the best pic, just a quick snap on my phone!) Looks like we have 8 lovely plump kits in her (rather messy!!) nest 💕 and I spy at least 4 Angora babies there... two with dark noses like daddy Entei! Eevee had 8 kits last year too and all thrived so fingers crossed these Little ones do well :) Bayonetta's 11 babies are getting furry and fat, however we still have 2 that are significantly smaller than the rest :( fingers and toes crossed they make it to the week old milestone tomorrow. They've not been rejected by Bayo which is good, however they aren't nearly as large as their siblings now. Send Bayo some good vibes guys! 💕

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