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A Busy Weekend!

Phew! What a crazy Easter weekend we've had! Finally going to sit down lol! Saturday we went to the Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue show with a handful of furkids, came away with 3 1st places, 3 2nd places, 3 3rd places and a Judges Favourite award for our Blumaroo!! 💕 Wonderful day and got a chance at Stewarding which was pretty fun! Update on GLaDOS, well she fooled us all! We were not very sure whether or not Ezio did catch her before he moved out as she was only just coming into season, but she certainly had the most convincing phantom pregnancy I've ever seen! 😂 she is currently pottering about like nothing happened and has gained a colossal amount of weight with all the extra food she's been given! So no standard shorthair kits just yet! We were going to retire GLaDOS but since her little mishap we have had a lot of interest on a pairing involving her so we will probably pair up up one final time before her retirement later this year. Her planned pairing has always been Ezio but we never got around to doing it! Tempest is not in season and may not come back in, her mating will definitely be in 2018 now. And on a final note we have some excitement going on with Bayonetta! More information in the next few days 😜 watch this space!

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