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Change of Plans.....

Sorry for being so quiet folks! As they say.. no news is good news! All is well and calm here at Fairoak.... however, we do have a *slight* change of plan! 🙈 As you may be aware, our handsome Ezio had a hormone implant in place for 4 years, we had this removed last year and he had no interest in the girls, this year he has again shown little interest and had only just moved out to his batchelor pad around 4 weeks ago... Ezio lives in one of our calmer groups with two castrated boys and GLaDOS and Tempest. His planned mating to Tempest had him show zero interest despite her being in full season. GLaDOS was just coming into season as Ezio was moved out.... Well... it would seem Ezio found his interest, in GLaDOS 🙈 ....and it would seem the kits are due in the next week!

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