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2017 Matings are Starting!!

Morning folks! Spring is definitely here at Fairoak now! We are delighted to announce our first two matings have taken place! <3

We will be updating the website/blog and we will be sending out emails and messages to all of you on our 2017 Reservation List by Thursday evening. Please remember, if you have NOT completed our questionnaire or SENT PHOTOS of your housing in place, then you will not be given the opportunity to place a deposit on a Fairoak baby! We MUST see all accommodation BEFORE reservations on kits can be made!

If you do not receive your email/message by Thursday evening, please contact me via email/message to confirm I have you on the list <3

I do apologise for the slow responses to so many of you, we have had a hectic few weeks but hope to get back on track with responses and emails as soon as we can!

We have lots more girls coming into season, so more matings are to take place in the next 2 weeks. Exciting!

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