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First Ferret Show of 2017!

Yesterday we went to our first Ferret Show of 2017, The Ferret Approved Valentines Show in Reading! What an amazing day and a huge, busy show with hundreds of ferrets and massive classes! The Fairoak team have done us so proud, love our furkids! Here's our results! 1st Place Angora Hob - Naturellement Entei 1st Place Sandy Jill - GLaDOS 1st Place Veteran - RAF's Austin 💕 2nd Place Coloured Jill -Fairoak's Amaterasu 2nd Place Silver Jill - PaddyFerrets Moxxi 3rd Place Coloured Hob - Fairoak's Link Between Worlds 3rd Place Silver Jill - Fairoak's Filippa 3rd Place Angora- Fairoak's Lutari 3rd Place Sandy Jill - Fairoak's Majora's Mask What a wonderful start to the show

year! 💕

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