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New Arrivals at Fairoak!

Well things were starting to get quite quiet at Fairoak, the Neopets are 9 weeks old and are starting to go to their new homes, Umbra Witches, Eeveelutions, Board Games and Triforce girls have already ventured off... Not many kits left running rampant now.....

Then Ammy gave birth yesterday evening! 💕 Ammy is an experienced mum so hopefully all will go well :) she looks to have had 7 kits, but sadly we have one stillborn, he was a gigantic boy weighing a whopping 19g, never seen a newborn so huge! So now we are down to 6, all looking good but one slightly weaker one in the litter, Ammy is taking care of them all though. Will get sexes in a few days, for now she is bonding with her new litter 💕

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