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3 Weeks Old - The Eeveelutions!

Look at those plump bellies! The Eeveelutions are 3 weeks old and absolute giants! We are in shock by how big these guys are, they certainly take after their father Roario! We have quite the selection of chocolates in this box of fun, ranging from very pale to very dark! We cannot wait to see how these guys develop!

Fairoak's Umbreon (Chocolate Self - Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Espeon (Chocolate - Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Jolteon (Chocolate - Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Vaporeon (Chocolate Self - Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Flareon (Chocolate Self - Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Leafeon (Marked Choc Sable- Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Glaceon (Marked Choc Sable - Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Sylveon (Choc Sable - Full Angora Jill)

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