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Please Meet... The Neopets!

Please welcome, The Neopets! Names havent been assigned properly yet, will do so next week when we have more colour showing and can be certain who is Angora and who isnt! But here they are:

Born: 11/5/16 - Semi & Full Angora Kits

Fairoak's Lutari (Hob) Fairoak's Kiko (Semi Jill) Fairoak's JubJub (Angora Hob) Fairoak's Ixi (Jill) Fairoak's Aisha (Angora Jill) Fairoak's Blumaroo (Angora Hob) Fairoak's Quiggle (Albino Angora Hob) Fairoak's Bori (Hob) Fairoak's Gelert (Semi Hob)

Sadly we lost the little tiny boy in the litter, he put up a good fight but he was just too weak and we lost him before he turned a week old :(

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