The Eeveelutions are now 1 week old!

The Eeveelutions are such a chubby litter! Eevee is being an incredible mum and doing so well as a first timer!

Fairoak's Umbreon (Chocolate self? Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Espeon (Chocolate Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Jolteon (Chocolate Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Vaporeon (Champagne? Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Flareon (Chocolate Self? Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Leafeon (Champagne? Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Glaceon (Champagne? Semi Angora Hob) Fairoak's Sylveon (Chocolate Self? Full Angora Jill)

#EeveeKits #Litters

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