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New Members of the Fairoak Family!

We have had a ton of messages and emails from those of you wanting to know who our Lady Ammy's date will be this year..... well! We are VERY excited to finally announce that this handsome boy has joined us at Fairoak, and with his other lady friend too! These pair we have named Geralt and Clementine. Geralt (pedigree name; Territory of Weasel Furor) is a humongous Pale Silver/DEW Full Angora hob with an incredibly fantastic nose! Geralt was born in Russia but has been living with United Ferrets ferretry in Poland. Clementine (pedigree name; Golden Ferret Shirley) is an equally huge Part Angora Champage Mitt jill with the most loving and gentle personality of any jill I've ever met. She was also born in Russia and has also been living at United Ferrets with Geralt. We are so, so proud to have these gorgeous fuzzies with us here at Fairoak, and we can't wait to see what beautiful babies they will bring to our little fairoak family!

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