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The Loss Of Our Boy, Bowser

It is with great sadness that our beautiful boy Bowser passed away this month. It has been a very difficult time for us here as Bowser was such a huge personality in our fuzzy family and the sudden and unexpected loss has been a devastating blow to us.

We have had the post mortem results, and Bowser sadly died from septic shock due to a virulent infection of E.Coli, a bacteria that normally lives in the colon. The bacterial infection rapidly overwhelmed his body and we lost him within hours. It is thought that the e.coli may have been ingested from an infected garden slug, or possibly as a random abdominal outbreak. We are completely heartbroken at the loss of our dearest boy. Our plans with Moxxi and Zelda will be changing due to our loss with Bowser, but we are very fortunate to be able to stud Bowser's brother Thor for these pairings.

Please bare with us during this difficult time, Dook on Bowser, and we will see you someday again on the other side.

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