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Pairing Changes

Due to the sudden and tragic loss of our beautiful boy Bowser, we have had to alter a few of our Pairing Plans for 2016. Bowser was due to be mating our Moxxi, Zelda and Lady Ammy this year, so we have asked to find suitable hob as stud in Bowser's place. We are very fortunate to be able to have the gorgeous Thor from Folly Bridge as stud. Thor is the brother and littermate to Bowser and he is a gorgeous Cinnamon part Angora. The lineage is exactly the same, so we are sure that the resulting kits from these pairs will not differ too much to those of Bowser's.

Thor is a very large boy with a beautiful personality! He has a gorgeous square head and thick set frame so the resulting kits from this handsome young man should be large and chunky!

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