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Our Third Show of 2015!

We went to the National Ferret Welfare Society show, and once again, our furkids have blown us away with the results! We only took a few of the team this time around, but even with a few of the kids we still managed to do amazingly well. We are just beaming with pride right now! Well done babies!

PaddyFerrets Moxxi - 1st Place Coloured Jill

Fairoak's Amaterasu - 2nd Place Coloured Jill

Aperture Science GLaDOS - 2nd Place Sandy Jill

Ezio Auditore Da Furetti - 3rd Place Sandy Hob

Fairoak's Link Between World's - 2nd Place Kit Hob

Fairoak's Ocarina Of Time - 2nd Place Kit Jill

Fairoak's Tempest - 3rd Place Kit Jill

Ezio & Tempest - 1st Place Matching Pairs

BEST IN SHOW - PaddyFerrets Moxxi

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