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Our First Ferret Show of 2015!

It's been a busy year so far at Fairoak, so we have not had a chance to get to any ferret shows at all!. Today we headed off to Chris Potter's Ferret Show, a show we have been attending for the past 5 years now! We were blown away by the results, especially as we have been out of the showing scene for over a year now! Our furkids did incredible, we are so proud of them!!!! Our gorgeous Ocarina took the title of Best Kit in Show, whist our wonderful mummy GLaDOS took Reserve Best in Show! So proud!

Our wonderful winning babies are;

1st place "Sandy Jill" - GLaDOS (Aperture Science GLaDOS) 1st place "Sandy Hob" - Bowser (FollyBridge's Chocowein Jr.) 3rd place "Coloured Jill" - Zelda (AngelicFerrets MouseHouse Minnie) 1st place "Kit Jill" - Ocarina (Fairoak's Ocarina of Time) 2nd place "Kit Hob" - Link (Fairoak's Link Between Worlds) Best Kit in Show Champion - Fairoak's Ocarina of Time Reserve Show Champion - Aperture Science GLaDOS

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