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        Not all of our ferrets breed here at the ferretry, and after so many years they take a well earned retirement! Our non breeders are a big part of our family and live the life of extra pampered pets without the worry of hormonal behaviours! As well as our Non Breeding guys and girls, we also have those who have passed away to the Rainbow Bridge. Our Rainbow Bridge babies may be gone from this life, but they will never be forgotten.



        Austin comes from Royal Angora Ferretry lines, he is a champagne full angora hob and the foundation of our ferretry!

        Austin is a bright and cheeky boy with a constant flash of mischief in his eyes! He's incredibly interactive and always comes running when he hears his name called. He is very fast, active and incredibly athletic for such a compact build.

​        He is a very petite and small built hob, with a top weight of 1.6kg and a summer weight of just 1.2kg. While in season Austin is rather frisky but still gives us lots of kisses, though isnt too fond of staying still! 

        Austin has sired the most wonderful litters here at Fairoak! We have his daughter Amaterasu, and three of his sons; Rory, Lutari, and Blumaroo. All these guys are continuing Austin's lineage whilst he enjoys his retirement aged 5 years.



        Domino Moon Ferretry brings us Shooting Star. A gorgeous 1/4 angora jill (aka 25% angora) from Domino Moon's coloured mitt mother Domino, and half angora father Moon of Frisky Buisiness Ferretry. 

       Midna is an absolutley stunning Champagne Point with gorgeous ruby and violet eyes. She has quite a fluffy and incredibly soft topcoat which is not too different to the coat of a semi angora! Midna gave birth to two full angora babies in 2014, three full angoras in 2015, and an incredible seven full angoras in 2016, all with our lovely boy Austin! In 2017 she had 3 more angora kits with our Geralt to end her breeding.

       Midna is the foundation of our ferretry consistently having wonderful litters to further our lines. We have kept 4 of her sons and 1 of her daughters from her four litters. She has also produced several near-perfect and PERFECT nosed angoras! Paws up for a well deserved rest for our star girl!


P1060092 copy
P1060070 copy

        Giovanni is a very special young man who joined our ferretry in 2014. He is a lovely chocolate sable full angora, and has travelled a long way from Belli & Monelli Ferretry in Italy to be a part of Fairoak Ferrets. Although he is Italian, his parents are of Swiss, German and Hungarian decent.

        Giovanni is a full angora hob with small skin folds either side of his nostrils, similar to Austin but slightly more pronounced. He is an extremely muscular and strong boy, tipping the scales at 2.7kg! He just loves to play, and is very intelligent too. He will come to call and can even do a few tricks. His favourite is begging for any treats he can get! Giovanni can be rather highly strung at times, and certainly knows when to throw a bit of a temper tantrum!

        Giovanni has now been retired from breeding and is enjoying plenty of treats and play!

DSCN9867 copy_edited
DSCN0642 copy
DSCN0431 copy




        Rory is from the 2015 "Viva Pinata" litter and is the son of our wondeful Midna (DominoMoon's Shooting Star) and head boy Austin! (RAF's Little Aggy Austin).
        Roary has a colouration just like his sister Amaterasu. He has lovely chocolatey points, a big white bib and mitted paws.... and the fantastic harlequin spotty markings on his tummy, just like Ammy! Rory has also snapped up a Reserve Best Kit in Show title aged just 19 weeks! What a clever boy!

        We kept Rory back as the replacement for Austin in our breeding programme. Rory had one litter in 2016 with our lovely girl Eevee. The kits were huge and had great conformation, however the fold of the Angora noses were a little more prominent that what we are aiming for. Rory has much larger folds in her nose than Austin, so we have decided to retire Rory early and use his younger brothers as our new breeding males instead.

P1060443 copy
P1060466 copy


        Zelda is a stunning diluted part angora jill from Angelic Ferrets. She is 1/16th (aka 6.25% angora) from Angora Ferretry's chocolate hob, Copper, and Angelic Ferretry's coloured mitt jill, Mouse. Zelda is a beautiful cinnamon mitt with a lovely bib and gorgeous chocolate brown nose. She has an incredible solid frame with really good muscle tone for a jill. Zelda was Mother to the "Legend of Zelda" Kits in 2015 and the "Triforce Goddesses" in 2016.

        Zelda is a very smart girl and a very playful one too. She's guaranteed to be the first awake and ready to play with a mischievous gleam in her eye. She is always ready to pounce and sort out those naughty boys for playing too roughly!

        Zelda has now taken retirement and will continue as one of our veteran show girls.

P1050868 copy
P1050891 copy




        Eevee is a stunning, blue eyed, semi angora chocolate jill we've imported all the way from Angora Ferretry in the Netherlands. Her parents are Silverfret's Rising Sun; an incredible chocolate solid semi angora jill, and MorningStar's Frankfurt; a wonderful silver mitted full angora hob.  Eevee has joined Fairoak and will be part of the breeding programme. 

        Eevee has one of the most fantastic natures of any young ferret we have ever met! She is very calm and cuddly, loves nothing more than curling up in your lap,  and she has a lot of kisses to give! Her mother has the exact temperament!

        Eevee had a wonderful litter of 8 kits in 2016, aptly known as the Eeveelutions! They were all variations of rich chocolates and 5 of the litter were full angoras! We haven't had much success in correcting the angora nose from Eevee's line, so we have now retired her.



        Bayonetta is our very first Black Self ferret in Fairoak. She was born in our ferretry in 2016 from our pairing of Moxxi, the beautiful Dark Silver Mitt,  and FollyBridge's Thor, a handsome Cinnamon Self.... Bayo was quite the surprise of colouration!!

        She is a very diluted Part Angora, with the short fur of a classic standard shorthair. We hope that her diluted genes will go on to dilute some of the full angora in our lines to create more genetic diversity within the angora genepool. In 2017 she had a fabulous litter of chunky kits with our Russian beauty Geralt, all her kits were a variety of colouration with some very large babies! We have kept back her daughter Cynder, also a black self, for furthering our lines, and Bayo has taken early retirement in order to be more on the showing scene!




        Moxxi is a very pretty standard shorthair girl, with no angora in her lines. Moxxi is a beautiful black roan mitt with a lovely big mottled black nose.

        Moxxi has had an incredible showing record winning multiple first placings and scooping the Best in Show Supreme Champion in 2015 at the National Ferret Welfare Society. She even made it in the Countryman's Weekly magazine for her achievements! In 2016 she amazed us again with yet another Best in Show at the Ferret Approved Valentines show!

        Moxxi is a total sweetheart and she loves a good cuddle and fuss. She is a short and stocky jill, and has a lovely square head shape for a female. She had a lovely litter of 3 girls in 2016 and produced the wonderful Bayonetta, our first ever Black Self for Fairoak! Moxxi brought us another wonderful litter in 2017 (The Baby Pokemon) in which we kept back two fabulous mitted girls.

        Moxxi has now retired and will continue as part of our showing team for more success!


~Rainbow Bridge~



        Bowser sadly passed away in March 2016 very unexpectedly and has left a huge hole in our hearts. The Post-Mortem result showed that Bowser had very sadly passed away from a septic liver, caused by E.Coli poisonisng from eating a garden slug. Bowser came to us from our good friends over at Folly Bridge Ferrets. He was 1/8th angora (12.5%) and a lovely chocolate self from the stunning chocolate hob Mr. Wilson of Exquisite Ferrets, and cinnamon stripe Bellatrix from Folly Bridge. He had a wonderful temperament and was well known for being fabulously cuddly, and always the gentleman.

      Bowser had one lovely litter known as the Legend of Zelda litter in 2015.


                                Rest in peace our beautiful boy xxx



        Beautiful Clementine sadly passed away in January 2017 during an operation to remove a dead tooth. Her tooth was removed, but she sadly was unable to wake up from the aneasthetic. Clem was born in Russia in 2012 at the Golden Ferret ferretry, she had travelled to live with us here at Fairoak in 2016.

        Clementine was a big girl weighing a whopping 1.6kg, she was a beautiful Champagne Mitt Part Angora with a sweet little bib. Clem was a friendly lady and seemed to really enjoy being cuddled. Clem previously lived in the Netherlands with Bunch of Colours Ferretry, and then in Poland at United Ferrets ferretry where she had a beautiful litter with Geralt (Territory of Weasel Furor). Sadly she was unable to leave her legacy here with us, though she is now gone, she will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace our beautiful lady xxx


{Lady Ammy}


        Our lovely Lady Ammy was born here in Wales in our ferretry, in 2014 as part of the "Okami Litter". Ammy tragically passed away in May 2018 due to anaphylactic shock from being stung by a wasp at home. She was also pregnant at the time and aborted her litter in shock at the vets as we tried to save her. Ammy was our poster girl and well known in the Ferret Show Circit. She had gorgeous dark chocolate points, and roan harlequin mitt patterning.
        Amaterasu had her own litter of kits in 2015 with our Italian full angora Giovanni. The "Sugar Rush Racers" litter were a gorgeous bunch of super fluffy semi kits. She astounded us in 2016 with her "Lodge of Sorceresses" Litter sired by our Russian boy Geralt. Ammy's Sorceresses were a litter of 5 incredible girls of which 3 were full angora... including one with a 100% perfect nose! In 2017, she wowed us again with her "Crash Team Racing" litter, sired by Entei, of mostly lilacs, with one very near perfect nosed male there too. Ammy was an absolute joy, and a very large part of our Fairoak breeding sucesses. Her legacy lives on in her children with us here. Gone but never, ever forgotten.

Rest in Peace our star girl Ammy xx




        GLaDOS passed away in 2018 curled up in her hammock. Post Mortem result showed that she has a salivary mucocele cyst witin her throat that had sadly stopped her breating during her sleep.  GLaDOS was an absolute joy to Fairoak, a gorgeous standard shorthair with a lot of love to give.

        GLaDOS had excellent posture with a nice lean body type. Her top weight in winter was 1kg, during the summer season GLaDOS weighed in at around 650 to 750g. She had won Reserve Kit Champion and Best Jill in 2012 amongst many other 1st places in her class. She has also won a Reserve Best in Show title in 2015.

        GLaDOS has had three lovely litters in the "Portal" kits 2014, the "Retro Arcade" kits 2015, and the "Board Game" kits in 2016. She had retired and was simply full of joy. Her legacy lives on in her gorgeous daughter Tempest.

Rest in peace gorgeous GLaDOS xx

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