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Neopets are 4 Weeks Old!

Oops! We are getting a little behond schedule with our updates on here... as you can imagine we are super busy now! Our little neopets are looking wonderful, we are so proud of Midna yet again with her amazing mothering skills! The babies are looking plump and wonderful with a real array of colourations! We may have our first perfect nosed angora in this litter too!

Fairoak's Lutari (Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Kiko (Semi Jill) Fairoak's JubJub (Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Ixi (Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Aisha (Full Angora Jill) Fairoak's Blumaroo (Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Quiggle (Albino Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Bori (Full Angora Hob) Fairoak's Gelert (Albino

Semi Hob)

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